Benefits of Joining The Chamber

There are many benefits to joining your local Chamber of Commerce. Here are some specific benefits of joining the Chamber in Wrightwood!

Publicity boost: Your business increases exposure in online and offline formats.

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce you will get free promotion. Many people use their local Chamber as an authority to find products and services.  Were you aware that members receive an online listing (with a link) to help interested parties find your business in searches? Did you know that the Chamber works with our local real estate offices to provide “Welcome Packets” that welcome new residents to the community? Both of those opportunities alone could give your business a significant boost in buzz.

In addition to these existing benefits, the Chamber is paying attention to new trends and forms of media in order to promote businesses and events. An active Facebook presence has been created, and so far there has been a boost in tourism due to the advertising that the Chamber has funded. The Chamber has a Facebook page where more than just events can be shared. The Chamber can post information about your business, such as sales, promotions, and special events; all you need to do is share that information with your Public Relations board member.

Members Helping Members: Your fellow members are here to help!

The expertise of the members can be harnessed to help other members in need. Mixers and chamber-wide (open to all members) meetings will happen with more frequency. This will give all members an opportunity to assist in planning the events, a vocal forum to bring to light various ideas and issues, and give members a chance to get to know their fellow business owners and community.

Remember you will only get out of the Chamber what you put into it. It takes all members working together on a common goal of improving their local economy. Think outside the box. Seek to improve, rather than tear down. By helping the Chamber, you are helping your own business by making it a positive and consistent entity that your community and its visitors will remember.

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To share news about your business to be posted on the Chamber Facebook page or Chamber Website email the PR Director.