Unwind and experience the majestic beauty

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Experience and explore

It’s what defines us – the mountains, the trees and the land. The outdoors are the reason Wrightwood is beloved by many and we strive to keep the beauty intact for generations to come. 

Popular Wrightwood Hikes 


Popular Camping Facilities 

  • Table Mountain Campground 

  • Jackson Flat Group Campground 

  • Mountain Oak Campground 

  • Lake Campground

  • Peavine Campground 

  • Apple Tree Campground 

  • Buckhorn Campground 

  • Blue Ridge Campground 

  • Guffy Campground 

  • Prarie Fork Campground Etc. 

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Other Local Attractions

Zip Line at Pacific Crest

Jackson Lake located off Big Pines Hwy

Mountain High Resort


Wrightwood Veterans Memorial Park

Located on Evergreen St. Between Park & Pine St. 

Wrightwood Museum

Located on Cedar St. Between Apple & Evergreen

on Cedar St. 

Wrightwood Library

Located on the corner of Apple and Pine St.

Certified Local Farmers Market

4 PM -7 PM Fridays

@ The Community Center 

Arts and Special Culture

Found in News Plus or Mountaineer Progress


  • Dance/Yoga Studio 

  • Line Dancing classes on
    Tuesdays at 9 AM @ Community Building 

  • Historical Society Talks

  • Grassy Hollow Visitors Center and Speciality Hikes (Moonlight Hikes)