Unwind and experience the majestic beauty

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Come to our Mountain Escape

Join Wrightwood all year around for our great events and experience the land of four seasons! We love to have tourists, friends and the whole family enjoy themselves here, by having fun and creating new experiences with hopes that they will come visit us again and again for time to come.  Our main focus in our town is for people to get away from the hustle and bustle by going on beautiful hikes, seeing the beauty of majestic mountains, enjoying our boutiques, dining at our restaurants which include a variety of cuisines but most of all, we hope that you can relax and feel at home.

Wrightwood Businesses

Here in Wrightwood we have many businesses that offer ranges from Ziplining to great restauraunts, 

accomodation and so much more. We want to promote our businesses because they provide so much for our visitors, our residents and help our community thrive. Click here view our Businesses

Wrightwood is home to Mountain High and some of Southern California's most Popular Hikes 

The famous Pacific Crest Trail