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Buisiness Support

Provides resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy for local businesses, helping them thrive and navigate challenges unique to the mountain environment.

Tourism  Promotion

Markets the town as a destination for outdoor enthusiasts, promoting local attractions, events, and recreational activities to boost tourism and support local businesses.

Community Development

Initiates projects and partnerships to enhance the quality of life for residents, such as infrastructure improvements, beautification efforts, and community events.

Economic Growth

Attracts new businesses and investments, fosters entrepreneurship, and collaborates with stakeholders to stimulate economic development and job creation in the area.

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Partner with the Wrightwood Chamber of Commerce and become a vital supporter of our mountain community’s growth and prosperity. Your sponsorship enables us to drive local economic development, promote tourism, and foster a vibrant communal environment. With various sponsorship levels available, you can choose the perfect opportunity to showcase your commitment to our community. Join us today in shaping the future of Wrightwood, California, the land of four seasons.

Sponsor Our Upcoming Events

6 & 7


Mountaineer Days

Mountaineer Days is an annual celebration of the rich heritage and adventurous spirit of our mountain community. This lively festival showcases local traditions, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences, bringing together residents and visitors alike for a weekend of music, food, artisan crafts, and outdoor activities. From thrilling competitions to family-friendly festivities, Mountaineer Days offers something for everyone to enjoy while celebrating the unique character and natural beauty of our mountain town.



Mountain Classic Car Show

The Mountain Classic Car Show invites enthusiasts to marvel at a stunning display of vintage automobiles against the breathtaking backdrop of our scenic mountain town. This annual event celebrates the timeless charm and craftsmanship of classic cars, attracting collectors and spectators alike for a day of nostalgia and admiration. From meticulously restored classics to rare gems from automotive history, the show offers a glimpse into the golden era of motoring while fostering comradery among fellow enthusiasts in the heart of our mountain community.  


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