Officers & Board of Directors

2023 Elected Officers


Janice Quick

Past President:
Renee Merline – Applewood Court

1st Vice President: Alicia Ureste Weber – Alice’s Vintage Cottage

2nd Vice President: Tina King – It’s A Wrap Jewelry

Honorary Secretary & Office Manager: Kashawna Berg – Wrightwood Real Estate Agent 

Treasurer: Roy Moore

2023 Elected Directors
Carl Smith – Benchmark Roofing
Ashley Cron – Stogie Fogey
Susie Hellwig – Susie’s Qloset

Becoming a member will give you an opportunity to assist in planning events, share your ideas and concerns, and to get to know your fellow business owners and community.

The Chamber of Commerce works best when we all work together! We need you, our members, to work with us on the common goal of improving our local economy. We need your help to think outside the box, improve, and grow.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?
The Chamber of Commerce is an organization composed of volunteers who invest their time and money in community development. We all work together to improve the economic, civic, and cultural well-being of Wrightwood.

There are two primary functions of a chamber of commerce:

Number 1: We act as a spokesman for the business and professional community, translating group thinking of our members into action.

Number 2: We render specific services of a type that can be most effectively utilized within the community and our members. Every member has a voice in determining our policies and projects. Join a committee to help get the job done!

The Chamber is the “voice” of the business community representing the body and advocating for their stakes in legal and social matters. The chamber protects and furthers member
interest by improving the business climate in our area. It does not matter what your industry or business is, support is key. Support from like-minded people can help you to find success. The Chamber of Commerce is a major community level resource.